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Influencer Preset Bundle - Edit your photos in Light Room

Influencer Preset Bundle - Edit your photos in Light Room

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Transform your photos in a single click and take your Instagram and other social media platforms to the next level with this pack of tropical presets.

Using presets is easy to do, and can help you create a beautiful and consistent aesthetic for your branding , not to mention, all whilst saving you time.

You don’t need to adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, dehaze and so on because everything is pre-defined. You just need to find the right preset for your photo. And we've got you covered!

What's Included: 

Summer Pre Set DNG File
Breeze Pre Set DNG File
Calm Pre Set DNG File
Candy Pre Set DNG File
Strawberries and Cream (Creme) Pre Set DNG File

To access your digital files:
1. Download Files.
2. The Files will be in a Zipped Folder. Unzip the folder.
You will be able to download your PDF instructions along with your DNG Pre Sets
3. Save each DNG file separately to your phone (these will save as images).
4. You will then be able to upload each DNG file as an image to your Lightroom Mobile app.
5. Click on the three dots in the top right of your Lightroom app
6. Select the option 'Create Preset', this will allow you to save the preset to the preset editing option of the app for use on other images.
Our Instruction Manuals will walk you through this.

If at anytime you have difficulties with this process or the Presets email

Due to the Digital Nature of the products, requests for refunds will not be accepted.
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