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Custom Textile Design
Seamless Patterns

Get your business noticed with bespoke, one of a kind seamlesss patterns for swimwear, active wear, baby clothes and more!
 Custom, trending hand illustrated seamless patterns inspired by your brand, and your vision.

'Let's Create Magic Together with Hand Crafted Bespoke, On Trend Seamless Designs'.

TIER 1 Designs

A Bespoke Illustrated pattern created
12 month license
*Discounts available if multiple patterns purchased

Basic line work
Minimal motifs
Simple seamless repeat pattern


TIER 2 Designs

A Bespoke Illustrated pattern created
12 month license
*Discounts available if multiple patterns purchased

Two or more motifs and layers
More complex pattern
More detailed artwork than tier 1


TIER 3 Designs

A Bespoke Illustrated pattern created
12 month license
*Discounts available if multiple patterns purchased

Mutltiple Motifs and/or layers
Complex pattern
Highly detailed artwork


License Type Definitions

What does non exclusive mean?

A non-exclusive license is a license that is not exclusive to you or to anyone else. Everyone has the right to use that desing on any product and in any market/industry. Non exclusive licenses are valid for 12 months.

What does industry exclusive mean?

This type of exclusivity enables the buyer to be the only person or company to use the pattern in a particular market or type of product. For example, if you are in the swimwear industry, and you purchase one of my seamless patterns with an industry exclusive license, no other swimwear designer can purcahse this same design. But a business within the baby apparel sector can purchase this same print.

What does Exclusive Mean

An exclusive license allows you to be the only person/business to ever use that design for the agreed/specified time frame to be agreed upon with you. Initial prices are quoted for a 12 month license worldwide, but can be negotiated for a longer period (additional fees apply).
What does purchase outright mean?
In cases where a design is purchased outright, it becomes the sole property of the person/business who purchased it. This design will not be licensed or sold to any other client or any other business type. Kalaii Creations reserves the right to use individual motifs/elements from the design (example a leaf, or individual animal illustration) in other unrelated projects, in a way that bears no similarity or familiarity to your existing design. Unless otherwise specifically specified by you.

 The Design Process 

I am able to illustrate in a wide range of art styles/themes and am excited to create something unique for you and your business and product to help you stand out.

The process is simple:

  • Submit a Design Request

    Explain what you have in mind, by filling out the form below with details of your custom design request. We will provide an estimate and/or advise you of the best package to help make your design dreams a reality.
  • Deposit Invoice

    Once we have determined the best package or service type for you, I will send you a deposit invoice for 50% (payable prior to services commencing). Upon payment a concept will be delivered to you within 6-14 business days.
  • Hand Painted + Designed Concept

    I will use watercolours or digital illustration to illustrate your seamless pattern design and help bring your vision to life.
  • Review + Edit Your Design

    You will be entitled to 2 x complimentary rounds of edits so we can adjust element layouts, colours etc. Edits over and above stated package inclusions will be charged pro rata at my hourly fee. Request for re creation of artwork will also be charged pro rata hourly ($60.00)
  • Final Balance of Fees Payable

    Unpon approving your designs, you will receive an invoice for the balance of fees owing on your project. Bank transfer and online payment methods are accepted.
  • Let's Support Each Other

    If you're a business, I'd love to help support you on your journey and share about you and your business and the work we created together. If you're happy too; lets share and tag each other on socials.

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Choose from a range of pre made existing designs from our print library. Buy, Click, Download and send to your manufacturer. 
Prices starting from $49.00
Ready Made + Ready to Print

The Pattern Library Collection

Personal Use - Prices from $9.95
Commercial Use - Prices from $49.95

 What People Say?

Stacey is one very talented woman! She understood our vision and brought it to life effortlessly. She has been a dream to work with, and I am very happy with the finished designs! I look forward to many more projects together.


Owner of Softly Summer

I have been working with Kalaii Creations for over a year now, and am beyond satisfied with the work we have done together. Running a small business, it is so important to work with other businesses that are friendly and supportive, which is exactly what my experience has been with Kalaii Creations. Stacey is incredibly talented and intuitive, she has nailed every brief that we have worked on together with absolute attention to detail and enthusiasm. I could not recommend Kalaii Creations enough to individuals and businesses looking for professional and immaculate work.


Owner of Botanicial Baby

Working with Stacey is an absolute pleasure. If you have a firm concept idea in your mind she takes it and turns it into something more incredible than you could imagine. If you only have a loose idea, Stacey works closely with you fleshing out the idea until it is something tangible. She is not afraid to answer questions, make changes or take onboard different ideas. With this professionalism and care you end up with a finished result that is gorgeous, eye-catching and, most importantly, exactly what you want. I cannot recommend Kalaii Creations highly enough for wonderful service and excellent results.


Owner of Lux Vestra

I instantly felt that Stacey is such a kind, caring, giving, positive, warm person with a wonderful energy! She is reliable and follows through on her work quickly and with ease -
nothing is a bother! She is so easy to work with and really a true joy
to work with also.


Owner of Tribe Tropical

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take For Me To Receive My Design/ Print File

  • For Exclusive and Non Exclusive Designs Purchased from our Print library, these are a digital download and will be available instantly.
  • For Bespoke custom created designs please allow 6-7 business days for a concept proof to be delivered.
  • This time frame is subject to change based on studio workloads. Any time differences will be communicated at the time of working together

What Files Types Do You Provide?

Kalaii Creations does not typically work in Adobe illustrator for repeat patterns as our work is very textured and highly detailed. 
I work in photoshop shop and provide PSD files, and in all of my experience to date this is always fine as my work is sent in high resolution. For peace of mind, you may like to check with your printer/manufacturer.

Will My Print Be Provided As a Seamless Repeat File?

Yes, in JPEG, PDF and TIFF file formats. Layered PSD files upon request.

What Can These Prints and Seamless Patterns Be Used For?
Here are just a few ideas: Baby Apparel, Swimwear, any fashion/textile items, Packaging, Notebooks and Stationery, Phone Cases, Wallpapers, Prints and Artwork!
What Mediums Do You Create Your Artwork In?
I love to work in watercolour, digital illustration (ie procreate and Ipad) acrylic paint and pencil illustration.

Can You Create an Entire Print Collection Or Can We Use You for All Of Our Design Needs?

Yes, I'd love to help! I love working closely with businesses of all sizes to help grow together. I'd love to establish an ongoing relationship with you if you feel I am a good fit for you. I illustrate and dabble in graphic design so can assist with most print and stationary needs as well as your seamless repeat pattern design collection

How Can We Create A Bespoke Custom Design Together?

Please complete my questionnaire so I can learn about your business or personal design needs. These questions will help me understand your preferred aesthetics, your inspiration, design goals and printing needs.

We can discuss your selected package options from my services page.
A deposit invoice will be issued, and upon finalization/payment, I will commence illustrating and designing for you.

Can The Designs Be Supplied As Vector Files?

Yes, although my preferred file type is PSD files based on my illustrative designs. 

I can provide vector files, however Vector files only apply to illustrations which are solid colours. I will not provide vector files for Watercolour designs, as these are pixel-based illustrations which are created in Photoshop.
Can I Screen Print A Watercolour Design?
The short answer here based on my design practices is NO. Watercolour can be vectorized but this changes its appearance quite signifgantly - it becomes more patchy. I recommend printing watercolour designs and most designs issued through Kalaii Creations digitally.
Do We Need To Credit "Kalaii Creations" As The Artist
 "Kalaii Creations" will always own the Copyright for each and every design under the Australian Copyright Act unless you purchase the copyright at a higher premium (Purchase outright). Therefore it is illegal to credit anyone else as the Artist, Designer or Creator. However when using each design on your product or for your brand, it is not a necessity for you to credit Kalaii Creations. I love helping each other to grow, so where you can tag and credit Kalaii Creations, we always share this to our audience and appreciate this very much.

I'd Love To Hear From You

If you have any questions about our designs, or processes, we'd love to hear from you. Send your message below.