Bespoke Seamless Repeating Patterns

Step into my world of textile design, where vibrant, feminine watercolor floral and botanical patterns come to life, ideal for enhancing any surface. My bespoke, children-centric designs and seamless repeating patterns bring whimsy and elegance to both fashion and home decor. Ready to see your ideas bloom into captivating textiles? Reach out to me today and let's embark on your custom design adventure together.

Children's Apparel Textile Design

  • Submit a Design Request

    Explain what you have in mind for your project, by filling out the form below with details of your textile design inspiration.

    I will provide an estimate and/or advise you of the best package to help make your design dreams a reality.

  • Payment Method

    • Once we have determined the best package or service type for you, I typically invoice my customers for 50% deposit invoice.
    • Upon payment of a deposit invoice a finished, detailed concept will be delivered within 6-14 business days pending studio work load.
    • Then you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and requests edits.
  • Illustration and Design Concept

    • I will typically use digital illustration or watercolours to create your seamless repeat textile design.
  • Review & Edit Your Design

    • You will be entitled to 2 x complimentary rounds of edits so we can adjust element layouts, colours etc.
    • Edits over and above stated package inclusions will be charged pro rata at my hourly fee. 
    • Requests for full re creation/re design of artwork will also be charged pro rata hourly ($60.00)
  • Additional Edits & Final Payment

    • In cases where you may request edits over and above package inclusions an invoice will be issued for the outstanding balance.
    • You will be notified as we go, when your complimentary edits have been exhausted.
    • Final balance of 50% plus any applicable additional edit fees are due prior to final file transfer.
    • Bank transfer and online payment methods are accepted
  • Let's Support Each Other

    • I'd love to help support you on your book publication journey, and share about you and your book and the work we created together.
    • If you're happy too; lets share and tag each other on socials.

Swimwear Textile Design

  • TIER 1 ($250 - $350)

    Non Exclusive ($250)

    Exclusive ($350)

    • Industry Exclusive ($300.00)
    • Basic Line Work
    • Minimal Motifs
    • Simple Repeating Pattern
  • TIER 2 ($350 - $500)

    Non Exclusive ($350)

    Exclusive ($500)

    Industry Exclusive ($450)

    • Three or more motifs and layers
    • More complex pattern
    • More detailed artwork than tier 1
  • TIER 3 ($450-$650)

    Non Exclusive ($450)

    Exclusive ($650)

    Industry Exclusive ($550)

    • Multiple Motifs and layers
    • Complex Pattern
    • Highly Detailed Artwork

Textile Design Definitions

Non Exclusive

A Non-Exclusive license is one that is not exclusive to you or anyone else. Everyone has the right to use that design on any product and in any market


An Exclusive License allos you to be the only person/business to ever use that design for an agreed timeframe to be arranged directly with you as the purhaser for the agreed fee. Initial prices quoted are for a 24 month license worldwide.

Industy Exclusive

An Industry Exclusive Licence enables the buyer to be the only person or company to use the pattern in a particular market or type of product. For example, if you are in swimwear, no other swimewear designer can purchase this same design. But a business in the baby apparel sector can purchase this print.


For other Textile FAQ please refer to our FAQ page

Wedding Textile Design