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Children's Book Illustrations

Work with me, an experienced full time illustrator to help bring your next children's story book to life!


1 x fully illustrated page of a book $175.00 per page
Double page spread of a book $300.00
Front + Back Cover Full Illustration$350.00
Set up book for publishing$60.00 per hour
General notes about pricing:

Published Rates
The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) publishes information on recommended rates of pay for writers and illustrators in Australia. This information helps negotiate and benchmark their work. The recommended price for a full page colour book illustration is $699 ex GST. This takes into consideration the cost of living in Australia, income tax rates etc. In reality, many Australian illustrators charge less than the published rates due to competition from overseas.

What's Included:

Full colour watercolour or digital illustrations to suit the aesthetics and artistic style of your book concept.

  • Revisions in childrens book illustration package:

  • 2 x round of complimentary edits per double page spread

  • Edits over and above this are charged pro rata hourly ($60.00/or capped at an agreed price based on page pricing.

Requests to re create/re design complete, characters or artwork is charged pro rata hourly ($60.00 or capped at an agreed price based on page pricing).  

Book Illustration Process

  • Submit A Design Request

    Explain what you have in mind, by filling out the form below with details of your childrens book illustration request. I will provide an estimate and/or advise you of the best package to help make your design dreams a reality.
  • Deposit Invoice

    Once we have determined the best package or service type for you, I will send you a deposit invoice based on agreed scope of work, to cover time and materials in providing the first concept to you. 

    Upon payment a finished, detailed concept will be delivered to you within 6-14 business days.
  • Illustration + Design Concept

    I will use watercolours or digital illustration to illustrate your childrens book design and help bring your vision to life.
  • Review + Edit Your Design

    You will be entitled to 2 x complimentary rounds of edits per double page spread, so we can adjust element layouts, colours etc. Edits over and above stated package inclusions will be charged pro rata at my hourly fee. 

    Requests for full re creation/re design of artwork will also be charged pro rata hourly ($60.00)
  • Final Balance of Fees Payable

    Unpon approving your designs, you will receive an invoice for the balance of fees owing on your project. Bank transfer and online payment methods are accepted
  • Let's Support Each Other

    I'd love to help support you on your book publication journey, and share about you and your book and the work we created together. If you're happy too; lets share and tag each other on socials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Medium Do You Use?

I typically illustrate in watercolours and pencil and also using Ipad Procreate App to create digital illustrations with gorgeous textures.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Project

I will usually provide you with a specific estimate at the time of a quotation however childrens books can take between 2-4 months to finalize including client edits so it's great to start planning ahead if you have a project ready.
Typically I can illustrate 2-4 pages in a 1 week cycle prior to providing to you for edits. 

My Business is Based Outside Australia. Can We Still Work Together?

Yes! Absolutely! Many of my clients are from different parts of the world. We can communicate via email and schedule Zoom chats where needed/applicable. Artwork and files are sent by WeTransfer which is a free and secure platform you and I are able to use.

Do You Request Royalties or Upfront Fees?

For self publishing authors there are many different ways an author and illustrator can work together. I am happy to discuss your preference and to see what feels right.
Some options we can both consider are
1) Upfront fees (no royalties- typically fees may be higher in this instance)
2) Smaller Up front fees + Royalties (royalties are only paid once smaller up front fees are recouped by author).

Where Can I Publish My Book

If you are working with a publishing house it is best to check with them directly before hiring an illustrator, as often a publishing house likes to nominate an inhouse illustrator for the project.

BUT for self publishing authors, there are some great print on demand companies like 'Create Space and Lulu' that allow you to print copies as you need them instead of having large upfront costs and ordering MOQ's.

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators has some very helpful information regarding all things publishing and may be worth a read.
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Can You Help Get My Book Ready To Print

I have had experience setting up self published books to be printed with Amazon KDP and and Ingram Spark and use InDesign Adobe to set up documents for print. 
This is charged pro rata hourly at $60.00
A project price may be quoted at my discretion.
Email to discuss your requirements.

Questions About Book Illustration?