Why A Creative Workshop Makes for the Best Girls Day Out

Why A Creative Workshop Makes for the Best Girls Day Out

Why a Creative Workshop Makes for the Best Girls Day Out

Everyone loves a good day out with the girls, but choosing what to do can be stressful sometimes! You’ve probably done lunch a million times and hit just about every shopping centre in the state, so what now? Have you ever considered a creative workshop? There’s bound to be something to suit everyone; no matter how diverse your friendship group is – from the sober friend to the creative friend, and the friend who loves to learn. Even the gluten free gf! Here’s the top three reasons we think a Kalaii Creations Workshop might be the best choice for your next girls day out or birthday gathering!

Stress Less

With a creative workshop, your time is already planned out. You don’t have to worry about keeping up conversation or people getting bored. It’s also a great environment to get to know someone, so if you’ve got a new addition to your social circle, a creative workshop is a fantastic way to get her involved and make sure no one feels left out of activities or the conversation. This a great option for bridal parties and hens night, where the brides friends come from many different circles. Who knows, you might even meet a new lady at the workshop you want to see again!

Learn a New Skill

At Kalaii Creations, we offer beginner watercolour workshops and one on one tutoring in the world of surface design  – both life skills you can make use of in the future! Booking with your friends takes away the nerves as well, and trying new things with your dearest gal pals is always a sure fire way to have a good time. Laugh together at mistakes and help each other out. A creative workshop is a great way to pick up a new skill without the pressure of a class or peers. You might even love it more than you expected and pick up a new hobby – guess whose family are ALL getting blankets for Christmas.

Get Something Out Of It!
If you choose to spend your day somewhere like The Beginners Watercolour Workshop, not only do you get to have fun and learn something new, you also get to keep what you make, most likely with the inspiration to make more! Much better than coming home with a hangover or sore feet, right?

So whether it’s a birthday, an event, or just a much needed catch up you’re working on, it be might time to consider getting creative! With such a wide variety of workshops available around the country from fabrics and water colour like ours, to pottery, dancing and ceramics – you’re bound to find something you’ll all love!
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