Surface Design - floral repeat pattern. Woman wearing wedding dress with bespoke floral repeat pattern watercolour design by Kalaii Creations

What is Surface Design and How Can Custom Designed Fabric Help Your Business

What is Surface Design:

Google Defines Surface Design as: 

Surface design is any type of artwork (pattern, illustration, hand lettering, etc.) made by a designer that is intended to be applied to a surface to enhance its visual appearance and/or functionality.

How Does Kalaii Creations Work within Surface Design:

Stacey from Kalaii Creations, creates hand illustrated artworks using either paint mediums ;like watercolour or acrylic paint, or digital media (for example Ipad Procreate) and turns this into artwork ready for any application, such as repeat seamless tiles (repeat patterns for fabric), childrens book illustrations, wall paper designs for interiors, and wedding illustrations for all wedding suite stationary.

The Benefits of Custom-Designed Fabric for your business:

Have you ever wondered what makes a custom designed fabric so special?

Custom-designed fabric is a great way to help your brand maintain a competitive edge and stand out as a designer or business owner. It also ensures your product is unique and well worth buying.

Today’s consumers are savvy, smart and looking for products and brands that are actually worthy of their attention, their spend and their social media attention. Whether your business creates handmade baby clothes, swimwear or works in the interior design industry the artwork/design used on your products and apparel says something about you and your brand.

In addition to boosting brand recall and recognition, custom-designed fabric will also increase the value of your company by supporting local artisans across your community and as an added bonous you can make life long connections with fellow businesses along your business journey.

How We Can Help With Your Design Needs:

Now that you see the value in creating custom designs for your business to
stand out, Stacey from Kalaii Creations is here to help you and is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your business.

We know that your business is unique, and we also know that when it comes to design, you want something that fits with your brand. That's why we created our custom design service—we work with you to create an illustration or artwork that perfectly matches your vision.

If you're on a budget but still want something bespoke, we can create something together in your vision, but it will be later added to our non-exclusive pattern library shop. 

Or if you have a larger budget and would like something custom designed just for your business, please reach out! We'll work with you to get exactly what you need.

Check our range of services available here

Oh and you can also shop from our existing pattern library here

Image Credit - Wild and White Newzealand

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