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Tell us about you and your business

Softly Summer is THE place to find comfy and fun baby & kids soft furnishings that fit into your lifestyle and compliment your decor- Specialising in padded play mats, bean bags, gather sacks ™, pillow mats, and our latest addition- Cuvvy play mat covers. 

We’re a family owned company (run by Mum x ) dedicated to creating safe, comfy places for families to grow, learn, have FUN and PLAY! 
What project/s do did you create together with Kalaii Creations
3 gorgeous new designs for our new Cuvvy play mat covers and vegan leather padded play mats.

How long have you been working with Stacey from Kalaii Creations and how did you find us?
I’ve been following Kalaii creations for about 2 years now. I absolutely love her designs and I’m so happy that I reached out a few months ago!  
What has made you happiest about working with our company?
Stacey is one very talented woman! She understood our vision and brought it to life effortlessly.   She has been a dream to work with, and I am very happy with the finished designs! I look forward to many more projects together.
Where can we find you on social media and how can we purchase your products / services
You can find us on Instagram & Facebook @softlysummer and our website
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