Seamless Repeat Patterns - for our Client Botanical Baby

Seamless Repeat Patterns - for our Client Botanical Baby

Here at Kalaii Creations I am so over the moon that I get to work with beautiful businesses all throughout the world! And it's even more special when that business is based right here in Australia. Just like Botanical Baby!

Botanical Baby started as a vision between mother and daughter Michelle and Lilly Mitri, who together dreamed of a luxurious infant wear brand that could encapsulate the joy of new life through the bright abundance of native Australian flora and fauna.

The Australian-owned label is based in Sydney, where all the products are designed and conceptualized.  READ ON for our Q & A and for your EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS

Tell us about you and your business

My name is Lilly, I am the owner and co-founder of Botanical Baby. We are a designer babywear label that focuses on giving new mums and their bubs beautiful experiences through our products. The idea for our business was to create a line of babywear that showcases the beauty of the Australian native landscape - so think Koalas and Wattle flowers! Our products have a strong focus on bright, beautiful prints, and luxurious fabrications.

What project/s do you work with kalaii creations 

I engaged with Kalaii Creations when the business was still just an idea. I approached Stacey and shared my ideas with her and her enthusiasm and encouragement for the business idea from the start was a massive motivator for us! Kalaii Creations have created seamless repeat pattern designs for many of our prints, including our best-selling iconic Soft Foliage print, which was an idea I had to create a beautiful neutral print featuring a beautiful blend of Australian native foliage such as eucalyptus ect.. Stacey completely got the brief and has created some amazing prints that have been an integral part of our brand and identity.

How long have you been working with Stacey from Kalaii Creations and how did you find us?

We found Kalaii Creations on Instagram and were so blown away by her work, we just had to talk to her! Ever since our relationship started over a year ago, we have had such an incredible experience with Kalaii Creations. 

What has made you happiest about working with our company?
Working with Stacey is like working with an extension of your own brand - she gets the brief, she has amazing ideas, and she knows what seamless repeat pattern designs will really work for your business. We credit a lot of our early success to Stacey's work for Botanical Baby.

Where can we find you on social media and how can we purchase your products / services

Our Instagram account is @shopbotanicalbaby and you can find our website at

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Seamless repeat pattern of golden wattle on a swaddle Seamless Repeat pattern of Echidna on a baby onesieseamless repeat pattern of red wattle on baby onesie

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