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Introducing Kalaii Creations Blogs!

I am so excited to announce the arrival of my new blog series. In this space, I will bring you stories from my journey and the new paths I am exploring with my art. I want to immerse you in my creative joy and share the beautiful experience that living art can bring to your world. 

Kalaii Creations is what happens when talent, passion, and enthusiasm combine. 

If we haven’t met yet, I am Stacey Bigg. Kalaii Creations is my vision. The name is derived from my 2 most spectacular creations, my amazing kiddos! I have developed my skills over time and am incredibly proud of my versatility and the ability to apply my art to so many different mediums. 

My portfolio showcases all of the amazing projects I have had the opportunity to work on. As a designer for Luxe Walls and as a new artist with Minne & Me Interiors, I am so profoundly blessed to be able to reach so many people. 

Art isn’t just a personal experience. Art is everywhere. Beauty is found in the smallest of details, or across a broad stage like the sky. Being able to capture that moment, interpret the presence, and transfer it into it’s own being is a feeling like no other. 

Through this blog series, my hope is to connect with you and explore how art can be used, shaped, and lived. Art is no longer just on a canvas! It’s in your personalised wall paper, the stationery you use for your business, the subtle elegant print on your wedding cake it's on your baby clothes and in your children's books. This is where my joy lies. In creating magnificent pieces of art that hold meaning. 

Upcoming Blogs

My hope is to develop a blog series that will keep you entertained, informed, and enthusiastic! 

I have an exciting list of topics to share with you, and am always open to suggestions, and exploring topics that are important to you! This is as much your blog as it is mine! 

In the coming weeks I am excited to bring to you posts on varying topics. Let’s explore these together, and together enjoy everything that is Art! Here is a sample of what you can expect from Kalaii Creations Blogs. 

  • Explaining the creative process 

In this series we will discuss all things process, inspiration, and results! 

  • How do we go from looking at a flower, to using that design to deliver one of the products I make? 
  • Where can we find inspiration in such a busy world.
  • How do we cut through the noise to find the perfect aspect of a subject?

  • Wedding Series

In this series we will explore how art can be used to create the perfect wedding  aesthetic. 

  • Personalising wedding cakes, invitations, and tableware to showcase you as a couple. 
  • Designing personalised material for Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid dresses. 
  • How to tastefully weave art through your ceremony and reception

  • My favourite things!

In this series, I am so excited to share with you different products from my Collection including wall paper designs, pattern librarys and digital templates

Each blog will focus on a new product, and how it can be used by you to showcase your individuality, flair, and set you apart from everyone else.

I have so much more to share with you, and hope that you will get as much from these blogs as I do. 

Be sure to join our Newsletter and follow us on our socials  to keep up to date with all of our new exciting projects!

And remember, Art is what you make it, and lets make it live. 

Stacey xx

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