Kalaii Creations - Meet the Artist Feature Over at Cloth Cuts

Kalaii Creations - Meet the Artist Feature Over at Cloth Cuts

Cloth Cuts is a Brisbane based Fabric Printing business, and you can purchase a selection of my seamless pattern designs on their incredible range of fabrics.
Our interview with Cloth Cuts for their meet the artist segment is featured below:
Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Stacey and I am a self taught surface designer and illustrator at Kalaii Creations.
I have a particular passion for all things watercolour and digital art and I love working with small businesses to create beautiful designs for their products, packaging, swimwear, baby apparel, stationary and more!
I really love illustrating in the floral and tropical space and have more recently started creating cute animal characters for projects and have even been lucky enough to work on my first commissioned childrens book illustrations - which should be launching in March 2023 if all goes to plan.

I have a lovely and supportive husband, and I am a mum of two gorgeous kids (Kai, 9 and Kalea, 6) The letters of their names actually contributed to my business Name (Kalaii Creations). Their names are of Hawaiian origin, so I used the letters in their name to form this unique-sounding business name (Pronounced Kal - eye)

2) How long have you been creating your art?
I have always been drawn to art since I was a little kid. I lost my way  (I think as you do, when you enter the work force, just doing what you can to earn those funds) but I found art and the world of instagram again in 2016 while on maternity leave with my youngest Kalea. I saw people posting their art and making friendships, doing collaborations and receiving paid opportunities and I wanted to get involved. I started creating my artwork during nap times, and when I would post and share, I would receive such lovely encouragement, and opportunities would arise from time to time. I just kept saying yes and building my knowledge and skills behind the scenes to hone my craft and it's led me to the world of surface design (creating repeat patterns for clothing) and childrens book design, and I am so excited to keep going!)

3) Where do you draw inspiration from?
I love looking at the world around me for inspiration. On my morning walks I will take photos of flowers and tropical leaves and try and use these in my creations.
I absolutely love going shopping and seeing beautiful artwork on already established pieces and really draw motivation and excitement from these. I am always excited to go home after a shopping trip and try something new with my artwork.
4) What's the most exciting thing you've seen your art on?
I would have to say I get so excited every SINGLE time I see my artwork on something.
Of course I am so excited and thankful to work with Cloth Cuts and see my artwork on fabrics printed for amazing local creators and makers - and I can't wait to see what people make with your fabrics! Its an amazing space and platform you have created xx

I've also loved seeing my artwork on baby clothes - as the little babies are always so cute and sweet! Some notable moments for me also include seeing my artwork on a wedding dress, and wallpapers and most recently it's such a big goal to see my artwork come to life in a children's book publication.
5) What is your favourite art style at the moment?
Oh my gosh - at the moment and totally unrelated to my own art style, I am LOVING the textured art movement!  It's so fun and relaxing to watch these gorgeous textured pieces come to life.
For my own creations at the moment, I am loving creating digital watercolour effect flowers and animal characters for seamless patterns and wallpaper creations. I am enjoying using my Ipad to create these motifs vs traditional watercolour paints. There is less mess to clean up afterwards and it's a much faster process hehe.
6) And finally, where can we find you? (whether it be what you do in your spare time and/or your online details)
You can find me over at www.kalaiicreations.com and instagram http://www.instagram.com/kalaii_creations
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