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What you will receive in your package:

  • Custom hand illustrated motifs (using watercolour or digital illustrations) turned into repeat patterns.
  • 2 rounds of edits are available. Any requests for repainting a motif from the beginning, or additional edits over and above included 2 rounds, is charged at my pro rata hourly fee of $60.00.
  • 1 x complimentary Zoom call to discuss design brief
  • If needed a second complimentary zoom call to discuss edits etc.

Perfect for your business products, apparel, business branding and packaging and more. Our seamless repeat patterns have been featured globally on swimwear, active wear, baby apparel, stationary and more!

When you purchase an exclusive design from Kalaii Creations, this design 

Shall be the exclusive property of the User-purchaser after payment has been received
- Can be used for unlimited print production in any product or media;
- Will not be made available for further sale to the general public
- Adobe photoshop working files can be made available to purchaser
- The print cannot be modified by users;
- May be used worldwide
- Cannot be credited to any other Artist than Kalaii Creations
- Remain the Copyright of Kalaii Creations under the Australian Copyright Act.
-Kalaii Creations reserve the right to reuse/repurpose individual artwork motifs in completely new patterns that in no way resemble the pattern purchased exclusively.

Price: $500-$650.00

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Looking to set yourself apart from the rest of the fashion/product world? Let's bring your vision to life and create a pattern that will be exclusively yours. An Exclusive print design made just for you and your business. Files will be made available to you in JPEG and PDF format and you will receive original working files. If you will use Kalaii's designs to also create individual placement prints a fee of $60.00 per print will also apply. Kalaii Creations does not work in Adobe illustrator for repeat patterns. So if your printer needs Ai files, please check they can accept PSD files. In 100% of my experience printers can accept PSD or TIFF files that are high resolution so this should not be an issue. How process works. Usually 2 Edits are available. Any requests for repainting a motif from the beginning, or additional edits is charged at my pro rata hourly fee of $60.00.

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